AWARDSV'Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka

2013 Beverly Hills International Spirit Awards

V’Guara Vodka wins a Gold at the 2013 Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards.

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2012 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards

V’Guara Vodka received a Silver Medal in Taste and a Bronze Medal in Package Design at the 2012 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards.

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2012 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Congratulations to V’Guara Inc.! V’Guara Vodka received a Bronze Medal in Taste and a Bronze Medal in Package Design at the 2012 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards. MicroLiquor Spirit Awards sponsored by Flowdesign is the World’s First Spirits Competition for Small Brands selling under 50,000 9-liter cases annually. The 2012 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards attracted an astounding 263 brands from around the world.

The Heritage

We enrich the experience of life, in our own way, by responsibly building V'Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka brand that is the quintessential result of over 500 years of East European vodka making tradition, and the triumph of craftsmanship of the first ever vodka infused with Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger.

About V'Guara

Guarana with its light, fruity flavor, combined with the distinct spicy warmth of Madagascar ginger oil, make up the paramount ingredients for our elixir. The result is a smooth, extraordinary premium vodka that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with your favorite mix.

Where to Buy

Our goal to introduce a 500 year-old deeply rooted Eastern European vodka tradition to Americans, combined with our triumph of the first ever infusion of Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger, is now available in select locations. Click here to find a location near you.