The Heritage

V'Guara is the quintessence of a very old and very proud vodka heritage combined with the warmth and taste of the tropics. The revelation of infusing vodka with guarana and ginger was implemented in the United States by Mirek Wierzbowski, with the help of Val Kranski, and Robert Kobylarz, three friends who grew up in Poland sharing common passions, two of which are fine vodka and world travel. Within their explorations they discovered Brazilian guarana.

We enrich the experience of life, in our own way, by responsibly building V'Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka brand that is the quintessential result of over 500 years of East European vodka making tradition, and the triumph of craftsmanship of the first ever vodka infused with Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger.


Brazilian guarana, a South American berry that has a light, fruity flavor, and Madagascar ginger oil brings the distinct warmth of spice. Mirek Wierzbowski implemented the formulation of these paramount ingredients in the vodka distilling process imparted premium vodka with a distinctively warm memorable flavor.

The Company

Mirek Wierzbowski - President, CEO

Board of Directors

Mirek Wierzbowski - Chairman
Robert Kobylarz – Director, Board Member

Guarana with its light, fruity flavor, combined with the distinct spicy warmth of Madagascar ginger oil, make up the paramount ingredients for our elixir. The result is a smooth, extraordinary premium vodka that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with your favorite mix.

“The secret is to infuse the guarana and ginger at just the right level”.
- Mirek Wierzbowski