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July 3, 2012



Almost one year to the day since the debut of V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka in the West, Lee’s Discount Liquors has announced that V’Guara will be sold in all its stores throughout Nevada.

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 3, 2012 – V’Guara Inc., makers of the debuting V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka, affirmed that after just one year from the brands debut in Nevada, Lee’s Discount Liquor Stores has obtained contract rights to sell V’Guara in all of its stores throughout Nevada. The news of V’Guara comes just weeks after Utah’s approval of the V’Guara brand to be distributed in its Liquor Stores through M&M Distributors.

“Our flagship debut of V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka’s distribution throughout Nevada through Lee’s Discount Liquors has now been realized,” said Mr. Robert Kobylarz, Directory of V’Guara Inc.’s. “Utah also just recently approved our brand for distribution in its liquor stores and contract negotiations for distribution rights USA-wide are ongoing. Our goal to introduce a 500 year-old deeply rooted Eastern European vodka tradition to Americans, combined with our triumph of the first ever infusion of Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger, is now readily accessible for Nevadans and Utahans to enjoy.”

Lee’s Discount Liquors, with the support of V’Guara Inc., has already started a large billboard advertising campaign in the Las Vegas area, plus Lee’s is promoting the brand throughout Nevada in its summer tasting promotional events. “When we organize tasting parties the customers get really excited about this unique drink that fuses Brazilian guarana, Madagascar ginger and premium vodka for an unusual and unparalleled taste.” Mr. Kobylarz added, "Distributors are always looking for a peerless adult beverage, consequently, it’s been very gratifying that both Nevadan and Utahan distributors supported our product early on.”

About the Product: V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka is a fusion spirit produced and marketed by V’Guara Inc. Crafted from more than 500 years of Eastern European vodka heritage, V’Guara is the first to fuse guarana and ginger + premium vodka for the warmth and stimulating taste of a tropical paradise. For more information about V’Guara, please visit Please enjoy V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka responsibly.

Name: V’Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka
Type: Spirit, 40% alcohol content
Size: 750 mi, Packaging: 12 bottle case
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 per 750 mi
Producer: V’Guara Inc.

Robert Kobylarz – Director
Tel: 702-577-8487

V’Guara Inc.
400 S. Rampart Suite 400
Las Vegas NV 89145
Tel: 702-686-9679

Operations Office
6510 South Millrock Drive, Suite 250
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
Tel: 801-365-2037


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