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April 20, 2011



V'Guara Vodka is the refreshing formation of superb craftsmanship. It’s the first of its kind to infuse natural Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger. The result is an unparalleled triumph to a distinctively smooth and great tasting spirit.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, April 20, 2011 – V'Guara US Inc., proudly announces the flagship debut of V'Guara brand, Guarana Flavored Vodka, in the US. V'Guara is the embodiment of over 500 years of deep rooted East European vodka tradition with the first of its kind to empower the subequatorial spirits of tradition and lore of natural Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger. V'Guara vodka is a triumph of craftsmanship that delivers an unparalleled superlative taste.

V'Guara is the quintessence of a very old and very proud vodka heritage combined with the warmth and taste of the tropics. The revelation of infusing vodka with guarana and ginger was discovered in part by Mirek Wierzbowski, Val Kranski, and Robert Kobylarz, three friends who grew up in Poland sharing common passions, two of which are fine vodka and world travel. Within their explorations they discovered Brazilian guarana. The fourth gentlemen, Steve Dec introduced the three to ginger that would eventually become the second key ingredient to their vodka infusion, and became a partner therewith.

Brazilian guarana, a South American berry that has a light, fruity flavor, and Madagascar ginger oil brings the distinct warmth of spice. The friends discovered their formulation of these paramount ingredients in the vodka distilling process imparted premium vodka with a distinctively warm memorable flavor reminiscent of the tropics. “The secret is to infuse the guarana and ginger at just the right level”, said Mirek, “we wanted it to be a hint in the background without being too overpowering. We were so pleased with our discovery, we knew we had crafted something very special.”

V'Guara US didn't’t stop with the superlative taste. They went to great lengths to use a free flow gray amethyst glass bottles that turns blue in the freezer. The prestigious bottle, with its hot foil stamp metallic labeling, is absolutely reflective of the premium goodness inside.

V'Guara Vodka can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The ideal method is to appraise its taste chilled. It will definitely add a distinctive twist to your martini or any island concoction. Tasting V'Guara Vodka on the rocks is a superb way to appreciate V'Guara Gurana Flavored Vodka flavor.

Product Name: V'Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka. Volume: 750 ml. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99. Alcohol Content: 40%. Packaging:
12 bottles. Date Available: Gradual release starting March, 2011. Sales Area: Select US Markets.

About V'Guara Inc.: V'Guara Vodka is a memorable spirit produced and marketed by the V'Guara Inc. Crafted from more than 500 years of East European vodka heritage, V'Guara is the first to employ the advantages of guarana and ginger resulting in a distinctively superlative spirit. V'Guara is distilled and bottled in the USA. For more information about the V'Guara, please visit Please enjoy V'Guara brand vodka responsibly.


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