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July 12, 2011



Just weeks after announcing distribution in New York and New Jersey, V'Guara US Inc., confirmed that Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada won V'Guara’s bid to be the sole distributor for V'Guara’s debut brand spirit, Guarana Flavored Vodka, throughout Nevada. Furthermore, M&M Distributors won agent rights in Utah after the Utah Liquor Commission approved the unique spirit for sale state-wide.

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 12, 2011 - In a double announcement, V'Guara Inc., Inc., makers of the debuting V'Guara Guarana flavored vodka in the US, affirmed that Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, Inc., a subsidiary of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., had won sole distribution rights in Nevada, and that M&M Distributors, Salt Lake City, is the authorized agent in Utah after the recent approval for state-wide sales by the Utah Liquor Commission. The news of V'Guara entry into the West comes just weeks after the announcement that Myssura Trading Co. (see PR June 1, 2011) won rights to distribute the superlative tasting spirit throughout New York and New Jersey.

“It’s exciting to know that our flagship debut of V'Guara Guarana flavored vodka’s state-wide distribution is expanding without complications,” said Mr. Robert Kobylarz, ViaGuará’s US, Inc.’s Director and co founder. “We just obtained distribution in the East and already we’ve broken the ice in the West. Contract negotiations for distribution rights USA-wide are ongoing, and we expect further announcements in the near future. Our goal to introduce a 500 year-old deeply rooted Eastern European vodka tradition to Americans, combined with our triumph of the first ever infusion of Brazilian guarana and Madagascar ginger, is now available for Nevadans and Utahans to enjoy.”

The Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada began distributing V'Guara’s Guarana throughout Nevada. In fact SWS placed their second order before the first order was even delivered. According to Mr. Kobylarz, "We expect some resistance from distributors because there are so many vodka flavored options on the market and distributors are reluctant to add another to their inventory. However, when we organize tasting parties and/or blind tasting tests, distributors get really excited about this unique drink that fuses Brazilian Guarana, Madagascar ginger and premium vodka for an unusual and unparalleled taste.” Mr. Kobylarz added, "Distributors are always looking for a peerless adult beverage, particularly for their vodka aficionados, although Guarana’s fusion does appeal to a variety of tastes and can be concocted innumerable ways. Consequently, it’s been very gratifying that both Nevadan and Utahan distributors supported our product early on.”

As is generally the procedure in Utah for new alcoholic beverages, the Utah Liquor Commission approved state-wide distribution on a special order basis. Customers need to submit their orders to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, who – in turn – forwards its approval to M&M Distributors, ViaGuará US, Inc.’s authorized agent. Mr. Kobylarz expressed hope – based on early tasting trials – that Utahans’ demand for its superlative and unique Guarana Flavored Vodka will cause the ULC to rescind its special order regulation soon. In the meantime, to order go to:

Product Name: V'Guara Guarana Flavored Vodka. Volume: 750 ml. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99. Alcohol Content: 40%. Packaging:
12 bottles. Date Available: Gradual release starting March, 2011. Sales Area: Select US Markets.

About V'Guara Inc: V'Guara Vodka is a memorable spirit produced and marketed by the V'Guara Inc. Crafted from more than 500 years of East European vodka heritage, V'Guara is the first to employ the advantages of guarana and ginger resulting in a distinctively superlative spirit. V'Guara is distilled and bottled in the USA. For more information about the V'Guara, please visit Please enjoy V'Guara brand vodka responsibly.


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